How it all began… Well, it is quite simple really, I was asked to put together a website for a guest house on the North Norfolk coast and went along to take some original pictures for it, which included the Happisburgh Lighthouse with the red and white stripes.
Once home, I edited the pictures and tried to enchance them, either by putting them in B&W or leaving parts colour, and hey presto, I saturated the whole picture apart from the red of the lighthouse, and it just instantly looked timeless!
I then applied this to some newer pictures I took in New York and loved the results, so now, always try to create my photographs in that style, making them stand out, talked about and to make them last.

Equipment… Always being a Sony fan, even before I spent 3 years working for Sony, I loved the quality of their products.
So, when they aquired Konica Minolta, I was so very happy because Sony has a fantastic reputation in the Digital Cameras and Handycam world, and now, all this technology would flood into the DSLRs and now DSLTs.
I am currently using an Alpha 99 – amazing full frame camera and although I probably do not use it to its full advantage, I get the required results from this! My back up cameras are the Alpha 77 – and also the Alpha 700!

Thank you Just for stopping by and giving me a look – and if the pictures have made you smile, then that makes me happy!